Master of Biotechnology – Faculty


Faculty members in this Master program are from both Bethlehem University and Palestinian Polytechnic University who are highly qualified as teachers and as researchers. Many of the faculty members have supervised graduate work both regionally and internationally and are complementing each other in bringing to the Maters degree program their various specializations and research experiences.


  • Prof. Mo’ien Kanaan/BU
  • Dr. Hashem Shahin/BU
  • Dr.Omar Darissa/BU
  • Dr. Musa Hindiyeh/BU
  • Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh/BU
  • Dr. Ghassan Handal/BU
  • Dr. Areej Al-Khatib/BU
  • Dr. Huwaida Rabie / BU
  • Ms. Rima Dabdoub /BU
  • Dr. Rami Arafeh/PPU
  • Dr. Yaqoub Al-Ashhab/PPU
  • Dr.Robin Abu Ghazali/PPU

Our Skilled Instructors