Required Courses

A Master degree student in the first year of study has to complete the required courses in theoretical topics as well as state-of-the art of experimental work. These courses aim at having students acquire relevant knowledge, skills and lab experiences. In the second year, the Master degree student will choose a specialization in one of two tracks: Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology (botany and agriculture). The program consists of 36 credit hours that are offered as follow:

  • Required courses (18 credit hours) including theoretical and experimental laboratory work.
  • Elective courses (12 credit hours) for either the Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology tracks.

Major Requirements

Course NumberCourse NameNumber of credits
MBT701Seminar Session 13
MBT702Siminar Session 23
MBT711Advanced Molecular Biology3
MBT712Advanced Topics in Cell Biology3
MBT713Research Methodology2
  MBT714  Social and Ethical Aspects of Biotec1
MBT715Biotec Instrum and Techniques3
  MBT716  Bioinformatics3
MBT717Exper: Design & Biostatistics2
  MBT718  Buisness Aspicts of Biotec1
  MBT719  Advanced Research Methodology & Ethics3
  MBT900  Research6
  Comprehensive Exam (MBT715-MBT716)


 Major Elective

Course NumberCourse NameNumber of credits
MBT721Molecular Diagnostics3
MBT722Plant Tissue Culture3
MBT726Advanced Topics in Genomics3
MBT727Advanced Topics in Biotechnology Applic.3
MBT729Advanced Biochemistry3

In addition to the required courses, a student must complete a 6-credit hour practical project (thesis) and submit a thesis at the end of the project. After completing all requirements, a student is conferred a Masters degree in Biotechnology indicating the major area of specialization (i.e. Biomedical Sciences or Plant Technology).

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