Science Days

Science Days

Bethlehem University Science Days, run by the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering at Bethlehem University, is a five-day event featuring entertaining and engaging events across various science disciplines. Some events will be targeted at school students, others at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Technology and Engineering students. Every department will organize a set of activities. We aim for a programme of events that is varied and fun.

For events targeting school students, BU Science Days seek to widen the students’ scope by introducing them to an exciting topic while engaging them in the activity. The goal is to stimulate students’ critical thinking. In addition, students will also be briefed (10 minutes) on the different majors offered by the Science Faculty prior to any event. Although invitations will be sent out to schools, we are not expecting entire classes, interested students should RSVP to the event and come to BU to join the event.

Science Days – Opening Event

The opening event will include the following activities: Opening remarks in front of the science building.

Mobile Educational Unit

The “museum on wheels” is equipped with interactive exhibits and educational materials. 

STEM competition

A STEM competition for school students in the form of short answer questions. 

Cancer Immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors

Cancer Immunotherapy involves activating the immune system through different approaches to recognize and kill tumor cells. 

Chemical Examination of Urine

Chemical examination of urine includes the identification of protein, blood cells, glucose, PH, bilirubin…

Hair Gel Experiment

Hair gel is a hairstyling product that is used to harden hair into a particular hairstyle.

Measuring the Specific Heat Capacity of Substances

To determine the specific heat of a metal object and see how that can help identify the metal.

Introduction on Computer Simulation Software

Using simulation to solve real-world problems in engineering and science, why to study simulation and its importance.

Nylon Experiment

Nylon, any synthetic plastic polymer composed of polyamides and usually manufactured as a fiber.

Artificial Intelligence workshop

Artificial Intelligence powers many aspects of our lives. Come and join us for this workshop to understand what AI is.

Python Coding Workshop

Learn how to carry out programming tasks and problem-solving using Python programming language.

Science Faculty Research Symposium

Faculty members and students from the different Science departments will present their research.