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About Scholarships

Bethlehem University places central importance on students’ access to education and ensures that financial considerations do not bar our students from a better future, with all its potentials.  Learn More about Scholarships

Academic Development & Research

As a higher education academic institution, Bethlehem University is primarily committed to academic excellence, innovative teaching & learning, faculty development and quality research.

Bethlehem University strongly encourages gifts made to advance an academic environment in which quality, innovation, and active student learning and research are paramount. Donations made to support Bethlehem University’s mission are essential in enhancing educational excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service; and fostering a spirit of inquiry and independence of mind in the pursuit of knowledge, all in service of the common good.

To make donations promoting a University culture that supports faculty, academic programs and research, please contact the Advancement and Estates Management Office:

Unrestricted Giving

Unrestricted giving plays a vital role in sustaining BU as a quality higher education institution on the one hand and expanding its potential and growth on the other.  An unrestricted giving is the most impactful way of philanthropic giving and allows us to secure our financial stability and face recurring developments with confidence, creativity, and security so that we are best able to continue serving our educational mission.

Capital Projects

At Bethlehem University, we are of firm conviction that facilities are an integral part of the overall education process and student learning experience. As a result, we are constantly striving towards upgrading our University campus capital to best serve our students.

With the launch of the Jubilee campaign (2021-2023), Bethlehem University has embarked on a few capital development projects, including our first student center, and we encourage our donors to consider the possibility of supporting the needed projects and leave a lasting legacy at the University as they do so.

Projects for Funding


Campus health safety


Student extra-curricular activities

Student leadership (ambassador)

Faith formation activities

Campus beautification

University media outreach

Employment in-service training

Faculty – Staff Retreats


From Everywhere

Donate to BU through PayPal

Only donors from USA, UK, and Canada are able to use their credit cards to donate through PayPal, while other countries need to have a PayPal account to make a donation. Please click here to see other ways of giving to Bethlehem University.

From US/Canada

Your gift to the Bethlehem University Foundation directly supports the work of Bethlehem University. Gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens. Please click here to see other ways of giving to Bethlehem University.

Why it is important to give to BU!

Bethlehem University, the first registered University in Palestine, has been providing education of excellence to multiple generations in the Holy Land. Its mission as it serves its critical higher educational role emerges from the vision that in a very difficult reality in Palestine, Bethlehem University is an oasis of peace and a beacon of hope for its students, preparing them to create and actively take part in the future of Palestine with their knowledge, skills, and ethics.

By giving to Bethlehem University, you will be directly involved in this noble mission of educating the future leaders of Palestine and helping them build their lives and their communities, with access to meaningful employment, creative entrepreneurship, and service to others.

  • Without any governmental support and with rising running costs, private philanthropy is essential both for sustaining and improving the quality of our education and for making its benefits available to all our students.
  • Your donation can offer a whole future with all its potentials to our students: it will allow us to offer free education to more students, who are living in a grim political-economic situation and face major difficulties in paying their tuitions fees.
  • It can support student-centered education with unique learning opportunities — such as internships, international study programs, cooperative education, field and laboratory research experience, and learning centers — which enhance their classroom experience.
  • It strengthens our faculty and their teaching: your contributions allow us to offer competitive salaries that attract and retain top-quality faculty and support their scholarly and quality research efforts.
  • It helps us enrich and beautify our campus and sustain a vibrant campus for our students with a variety of extra-curricular activities that encourage the talents of our students.

We seek your support and involvement to respond ever more effectively with new and expanded undergraduate, graduate, and outreach programs designed to meet the needs of the people of the Holy Land now and well into the future. We need your involvement and financial support to continue our work.

How you can give to BU!

At Bethlehem University, we boast the established trust between us and our donors, which is based on the assurance that our donors can donate to what matters to them, and that their gifts and donations for a specific purpose will be employed for the designated purpose only.

If you are considering making a gift to Bethlehem University, you can choose your preferred area of support:

Scholarships, Unrestricted Gifts, Capital Projects

Academic Development & Research and Small Projects Packages.

Naming Opportuinities

You can support Bethlehem University while remembering a loved one, or honoring someone special by designating your gift to Bethlehem University’s funds, programs, scholarships, or projects. The joy of giving is multiplied by the great opportunity to honor anyone who has inspired or touched your life, and for philanthropists who contributed significantly to the University while ensuring that you have imprinted your legacy on the ongoing mission of Bethlehem University.

Naming opportunities are available for:

  • Named building or physical structures.
  • Named academic facilities & programs
  • Named scholarship funds
  • Named endowments

Minimum Donation Levels

  • Named Scholarship Fund: minimum donation is $100,000
  • Named Building/Facility: minimum donation is $1,000,000
  • Named Fellowship Program:  – minimum donation is $100,000
  • Named Endowment Fund: minimum donation is $100,000

Legacy Giving

Legacy gifts, irrespective of their amount, are extremely personal as they are the final and lasting expression of people’s values during their lifetime, and commitment to a certain cause, which they ensure continuing to support even after they leave this world. Education is one of the most common causes of legacy support, and at Bethlehem University, we strongly encourage legacy giving, which, despite costing nothing during one’s lifetime, constitutes a lasting investment in the future of students while honoring your name in Bethlehem’s University’s history.

Contact the Advancement Office to learn more about how you can include Bethlehem University in your legacy giving plans.

Ways to support Bethlehem University

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