Bethlehem University’s Greatest Need

BU Greatest Need: Scholarships to Students

For Bethlehem University, Providing the best education to Palestinians is always the priority.  It is a vocation of keeping hope alive in the region.

Many young Palestinians who otherwise could not pursue their higher education in a reputable University made it possible due to the Scholarship opportunity provided at Bethlehem University.

We are proud that over 30% of our students receive Scholarship assistance every year while all students enrolled enjoy reduced tuition. In all these, we encourage students with disabilities and students who are highly competent in their studies.

It is so unfortunate that our effort has been interrupted by the unprecedented COVID- 19 Pandemic and we are continually struggling to come out of it.  This world-wide phenomenon made it difficult for the university to reach out to many as needed and for the students to pay their small tuition as required.

The pandemic hit the world and it has been so much felt here. Many families were left without jobs as the tourism Industry; their livelihood, collapsed following the pandemic.  The economic blow hit us at a time when our service is in huge demand and as our new Nursing programs opened its door for technology- based learning.  The Pain is being felt more now than ever and causing some students to quit their studies.  This is a big worry for us now.

We are Very much grateful to Friends of Bethlehem University around the world who have been supporting the education of Palestinian society for decades. In response to our current challenge the Bethlehem University Foundation (BUF) has recently provided us with $ 300,000 more than what it had already given to support the mission. We are also grateful to Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland that supported 40,000 euros to programs for students with disabilities and for their scholarship needs.  ABU, Our Friends of Bethlehem University in Switzerland came with another 40,000 euro in response to our appeal.  It is with a grateful heart that we acknowledge and appreciate the solidarity shown to us at this special time. Thank you so much.

We have now the hope and reason to focus on our priority as always- Providing quality education to the youth of Palestine.