Nadia Bani Shamsa


  • Br. Vincent Center,
    Manger Square
  • +970-2-275-5160

Arabic School for Foreign Students and Diplomats

Arabic School of Bethlehem university was always attractive to students in the last 10 years due to different factors, among them the special methodology used by the school and the well-trained teachers who are qualified to teach spoken and media Arabic for foreigners. Living in the city also attracted students since it is quit city where accommodation and food.

We strongly believe that students who speak the Palestinian dialect first can approach fuṣḥa or Modern Standard Arabic easily. We encourage universities to send classes to Bethlehem University to get a strong foundation for spoken Arabic.

Mission and Objectives:

Teach the Arabic language for foreigner’s students from all over the world, we know there is a few international study programs offer the combined experience of language and culture as BVMC does.

We teach the Arabic language, we bring the students to trip to see the villages and how the people live, we have Breakfast for all students to test the Palestinian food.  Our International students have the opportunity to combine their study of the Arabic language and feel it & live it.

BVMC offer Learning Arabic to foreigners:

  • Beginner, medium, and advanced level.
  • Transferable audit for credit and / or no credit.
  • Palestinian Slang and / or official Arabic
  • Group, customized,  and individual learning
  • Our program is flexible.

In addition we offer:

  • Highly qualified and licensed academic educators
  • Learning and teaching a simulated environment
  • Realistic and hands-on modern and learning experience
  • Individualized, hospitable and respectful environment.
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