Message from the Coordinator- ZTRC

Message from the Coordinator:

A primary goal of the Faculty of Education is to transform the Educational processes going beyond the traditional passive-receptive conception of students into a modern perspective based on active learning, creativity and critical thinking. In this enterprise, educational activities, games and materials play a substantive role, inviting teachers and students to think outside the box and challenging them towards new opportunities.
The Zuroub Center helps the students in their learning processes and in the construction of new perspectives on education by providing them with: educational games, materials, supplies to make their own materials, books and stories, research resource and collaborative workspaces in support of the needs of their courses and their practicum engagements.
Furthermore, the center also connects the students of the Faculty of Education with the wider community, particularly with local schools, promoting capacity building and learning-enrichment experiences open to people and institutions partaking in the Palestinian educational scene.

Jena Abu Amsha
Coordinator of Zoroub Resource Center

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