Services – ZTRC

The center provides the following services:

  • Lending Educational Materials such as:
    • Books
    • Literature
    • Games
    • Films
  • Lending equipment in support of courses and projects, including:
    • Photo cameras
    • Video cameras
    • VR Googles
    • Laptop Computers
  • Supplying stationery and materials for handcrafts and the building of instructional aides.
  • Providing access to official documents and other books on School Curricula, Educational Reports and Scientific Research on Education.
  • Highlighting models for games, worksheets and other educational materials.
  • Making Computers Available for Academic work within the Center.
  • Organizing and delivering special training courses and workshops in education for the Faculty and University Students as well as for external institutions, students, and educational agents.
  • Offering spaces for studying and practicing drama, storytelling, music, and other techniques and arts as required by the different courses and projects in the Faculty.


  • Educational Fairs such as, but not limited to the annual Science and Mathematics Fair and Tales Fairs.
  • Children’s Art Club: Led by students of the Faculty for institutions in the community including: Al-Rowwad Cultural and Theatre Society, and the Lajee’ Center.
  • Conferences and Symposiums in various educational subjects.
  • Developmental Courses in different fields relevant to schoolteachers.
  • Exhibitions of Instructional Materials.