Services – ZTRC


– Borrowing educational books and children’s stories.

– Borrowing games and educational films.

– Borrowing materials for making instructional materials.

– Selling stationery and materials for making instructional materials.

– Provide an opportunity of looking at school books, reports and scientific research.

– Looking at models for activities, games, worksheets, images and graphics.

– Using the computers in the Center and the lab of the Center.

– Training courses and workshops for the faculty and university students, such as: courses in leadership and classroom management.

– A place for studying and practicing drama, storytelling, music, for the courses and producing projects and instructional materials.


– Working on educational festivals, such as: Science and Mathematics Festival, and Tales Festival which is held annually and contains the participation of: school children ,teachers, and educational centers in the activities of the festival which is plans and implements by the faculty students.

– The Art Club: A group of students leads the club activities which related to substantive activities with the participation of a number of children from community institutions such as: The Creche Institution and The SOS Children’s Village. the faculty students work to prepare for the activities and  applied them weekly with groups of children in the campus at Bethlehem University.

-Conferences and symposiums in various educational subjects.

-Developmental courses in different fields needed by the school teachers: such as  drama in   learning and teaching process.

– Exhibitions such as: the exhibition of the instructional materials which display all the instructional materials produced by the students for all the faculty courses, schools teachers, and students will be invited  to see them..

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