Bethlehem University Welcomes New Students on Campus

The Office of the Dean of Students at Bethlehem University held orientation days for 964 new students who were admitted for the 2020/2021 academic year. These face-to-face orientation days were the second element of the new student orientation to introduce them to the Deans and faculty members.

A day for each Faculty was held separately to keep physical distancing while taking all safety measures recommended by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19).

The Dean of Students Adnan Ramadan welcomed first-year students, administration, and the student assistants, and thanked everyone for their support and cooperation.

Executive Vice President Fr. Dr. Iyad Twal addressed the students, congratulating them for joining the Bethlehem University community.

The orientation program included activities aimed at familiarizing students with the University’s main facilities and the services it provides. The program also included information on scholarships, the student ambassador program, and other extracurricular programs.

The Office of the Dean of Students previously held a virtual orientation that was live-streamed on YouTube.