Assistant to the Dean of students

Mary Qumsieh

Assistant to the Dean of Students

  • Address

    De La Salle Hall, D-101a

  • E-mail

  • Phone

    022741241 ext. 2429

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

In coordination with the Dean of students, the assistant:

  1. Coordinates, supervises, plans, and implements programs of all student activities and projects of a co-curricular nature.
  2. Assists in developing, planning, and coordinating special events including but not limited to student events, recreational activities, and student leadership development opportunities.
  3. Initiates and organizes activities pertaining specifically to increase female students’ participation.
  4. Assists and advises student active groups regarding program planning, use of facilities, program arrangements, services and available equipment.
  5. Explains and monitors compliance with University policies and procedures pertaining to student activities.
  6. Seeks to connect student events in the local community and to increase community awareness of the University, including assisting in general recruitment and conducting campus tours.
  7. Maintains and publishes a calendar of student events and activities.
  8. Coordinates and maintains active relations with Palestinian universities and local organizations.
  9. Coordinates different issues with the student counselor
  10. Helps and assists students with disabilities
  11. Issues permitions for student visitors and library users
  12. Responsible for organizing different events in the university like:
    1. The Orientation Program for the freshmen students
    2. The Open Day
    3. The Christmas Party
    4. Women’s Day
    5. Honors Day
  13. May assist in developing and designing various informational and promotional materials and publications about student activities.
  14. Assists in the Student Senate elections
  15. Assists in the graduation ceremony.
  16. Represents the Dean of Students in his/her absence in specific functions.
  17. Assist the dean of students in the strategic plans for the student affairs office