Professional Restaurant Service

F&B-110: Professional Restaurant Service

Module Description & Objectives:

This module begins with an introduction to the various styles of Food & Beverage (F&B) service and will later focus on table service for restaurant operations.  It will include practical applications and hands-on training on specific F&B Service Skills needed to launch a career in F&B Service.

Module Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of the module, the participant should be able to:

  1. Identify the various styles of F&B Service and demonstrate the basic table set-up procedure for each style of service.
  2. Enumerate the restaurant sequence of service and demonstrate the procedure for each step in the sequence.
  3. Demonstrate industry-prescribed standards for various F&B skills
  4. Observe an actual F&B Operation through an immersion component

Prior Learning/Prerequisites:

Participants must successfully complete F&B-101 Welcome to Professional F&B Service! (including the prerequisites to that course) before proceeding.

Program Duration & Capacity:

Nine (9) sessions, three (3) hours per session.  Maximum 25 participants.

Target Group:

The target group is students interested in front-of-the-house positions of a hotel, specifically in the Food & Beverage Service Department.   Each participant must come to class in the prescribed F&B Service uniform.