Welcome to the Front Office Department!

FOM-101 Module: Welcome to the Front Office Department!

Module Description & Objectives:

This is an introductory module focused on Hotel Front Office Operations.  It starts with how hotel job positions and departments are organized and the role of the Front Office Department in such organizations.   It will also cover hotel room types and features based on hotel classifications. A special underlying focus is given on identifying industry requirements on professional imaging given the nature of the hospitality business.

Module Learning Outcomes:

  1. Upon satisfactory completion of the module, the participant should be able to: Illustrate the different types of hotel organizational charts and accompanying job positions needed to complete the 4-stage guest cycle.
  2. Enumerate services, room types and features based on hotel classifications.
  3. Explain positive human relation behavior and personal attributes in a hospitality setting.

Prior Learning/Prerequisites:

Ideally, each participant should have taken previous courses such as Principles of Tourism and Personality Development.

Program Duration & Capacity:

Two (2) sessions, three (3) hours per session.  Maximum 25 participants.

Target Group:

The target group is students interested in front-of-the-house positions of a hotel, specifically in the Front Office Department.