Mission and Objectives

The mission of the department is to prepare a generation that takes pride in its language and culture. This generation exhibits and enjoys several characteristics mainly belonging to their nation: open to other human cultures; able to interact with past, present, and future; capable of solving problems; capable of absorbing and assimilating the different variables of their age; able to benefit from all developments which provide them with the essentials of development; capable of surviving; and able to assist their nation and people to be creative and innovative.

Department Overall Goals:

  1. Supply the Palestinian society with qualified teachers at different academic levels in addition to translators and journalists;
  2. Equip and qualify graduates with knowledge in scientific research;
  3. Qualify graduates to pursue their higher education; and
  4. Qualify graduates in areas of service to the Palestinian society.

Specific Objectives:


  • Strengthen students’ mastery of reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills;
  • Introduce students to different old and modern genres;
  • Introduce students to their language characteristics and styles;
  • Make students aware of aspects of the reciprocal impact of and on the Arabic language and literature over the ages; and
  • Equip students with methods of critical thinking, literary analysis, and poetic taste.


  • Master nonverbal expression in a flawless meaningful language;
  • Master verbal expression in accordance with rules of syntax and semantics;
  • Excel in the use of linguistic and literary references;
  • Prepare scholarly research in accordance with the standard approach of scientific research; and
  • Excel in the analysis of literary texts in accordance with different analytical approaches.

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