Library – Discussion Rooms

Policies for the Use of Discussion Rooms

  1. The discussion rooms are for the use of students, teaching faculty, staff, and any other important requests.
  2. The respective staff at the workstation will be in charge to get all necessary information, such as the ID of the responsible student, assign the room and open the discussion room.
  3. Users are accountable for the room’s upkeep and the care of its equipment and other resources.
  4. When the users finish using the discussion room, the staff in charge will check the room and its facility before returning the ID.
  5. Users can occupy the room for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours. However, reservations will be extended depending upon the need.
  6. No eating, smoking, or littering is allowed in this facility. Be considerate to the following users.
  7. A Library Staff will be in charge of monitoring the observance of the above policies and users are requested to strictly follow the abovementioned regulations.
  8. Anyone who does not abide by the above-mentioned regulations will be met with disciplinary action such as fines and suspension of privileges.


  1. Users can make an online booking for discussion rooms on the first and second floors only during the five working days (Monday through Friday) between 8 AM and NOT later than 2:00 PM. Please note reservations are done online 24 hours prior to start time.
  2. Discussion Rooms which are located on the ground floor are for walk-in requests.
  3. All reservations will be canceled after 15 minutes of the actual reserved time if the users don’t show up.
  4. The group of students that are allowed to use any of the DRs should be at least 3 or more members.
  5. The purposes of using the discussion room are:
    1. Preparing/discussing a seminar with the adviser or fellow students.
    2. Preparing a group presentation.
    3. Discussing a group project.
    4. Studying for an exam as a group.
    5. Assembling a lab report as a group.
    6. Preparing research or a report as a group.
    7. Tutoring/Coaching (between a teacher and student/s).
    8. Training session for a group
    9. Meeting/s of teaching faculty (take note that the number of seating capacity of all DRs on all three floors ranges from 6 -13 persons).

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