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Institute for Community Partnership (ICP)

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Welcome to the ICP Homepage

At certain stages in life, one stops and looks at the purpose of existence or his/her "mission." Organizations do likewise: always attending to their mission and purpose of existence in order to rise up to it.

As part of a bigger academic institution, ICP's mission has always been that of "human capital development." Having defined that ultimate goal, ICP has devoted its continuous effort in recent years to determine the best path to arrive at that goal. In order to build on its long history of existence, the best path was to expand into larger and more sustainable programs that respond to the needs of the Palestinian community.  Read more...


Training Courses Annoucements 

Community Trekking Tour Guide 

New Short Courses :-  Registration is currently opened  for new short courses, for more details on opened courses and how to apply, click  on the following link: Short Courses New 

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Where We Work

 Our projects  target  many geographic

zones across the West Bank and Gaza.

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ICP News and Updates
Bethlehem University Foundation
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Bethlehem University in the Holy Land
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