Welcome to MGAPS Program

The new Masters in Governance & Administration of the Public Sector program (MGAPS) focuses on upgrading the skills of those employed
by the Public Sector in Palestine. The overall objectives of the program include:
1. Improving accountability;
2. Enhancing transparency in the delivery of public services;
3. Improving the management of public funds;

4. Strengthening the capacity of the PA institutions by growing the number of specialists in public administration;

5. Enhancing the role of ethics in leading decisions in the public sector.
This said, the graduate of this program is expected to have the following qualities:
1. Be able to better communicate orally and in writing;
2. Be able to use new skills to develop and implement public policies;
3. Be able to recognize and accept the complexity of the challenges faced on the job;
4. Be able to treat fellow public servants and citizens with renewed dignity and respect;
5. Be able to design work procedures that reflect good practices;
6. Be able to implement those policies and procedures;
7. Be able to act in the moral ideals of principles like public interest;
8. Be aware of the ideal way of governance;
9. Be able to create new and more transparent policies that create a good rapport
between the people in the public service and also with the general public;
10. Be able to explain the complex relationships;
11. Be able to conduct scientific research that leads to findings and recommendations.

Faculty News

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