MGAPS – Paradigm and Structure

Paradigm and Structure

Course Module # Credit Hours
Preliminary Courses Academic writing skills & social research methodology 2
Development indicators 1
Statistics 1
Social Issues Sociology (basics) 1
Sociology (advanced) 1
Principles of Economics Micro and Macro Economics (1.5+1.5) 3
Advanced economics Development Economics 1
Finance for Development 1
Economics of public choice 1
Budget Management Managing Public Expenditures 1
Tax Policy and Administration 1
Inter-governmental Fiscal Relations 1
Governance Issues Governance and administration in the Public Sector 1.5
Public Policies for Development 1.5
Public Sector Management Local Government Management 1
Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Performance 1
Management of Public Health care institutions 1
Accounting and Auditing Issues Public Sector Accounting and Reporting 2
Internal Auditing 2
Public Sector Management II Strategic Management 1
Organizational Behaviour 1
Leadership Development 1
Topics in Public Management Gender Budgeting and planning 1
Urban Planning 1
Project Cycle Management 1
Advanced Economics II Monetary Economics and Public Finance 2
Economics of Innovation 1
Laws and Institutions Administrative Law 3
Graduation Thesis Thesis 5