Meet the Dean

Meet the Dean

Welcome to the Samir Aweidah Clinical Simulation Center (CSC), at the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences.

The center replicates a real-world environment that is safe for teaching and learning. Simulation education bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-life clinical experiences that further promotes patient safety, clinical reasoning and evaluation.

The CSC contains advanced, modern equipment enabling the students to engage in a variety of nursing skills. These range from observing to actively apply their knowledge and skills utilizing real-life case studies with the goal of improving the students’ competence, confidence and safety. The center allows students nurses to provide care for patients in various settings and specialties. After the patient encounter students are guided by a facilitator in a debriefing. This is a crucial part of the simulated clinical experience because it allows the learner to reflect on the experience, learn from the experience, and be able to apply the learning to future experiences. Simulation increases knowledge, confidence, skills, and outcomes, and is beneficial for helping students transition to practice.

It is not just Bethlehem University students that benefit, the center is open to all health care providers and Palestinian organizations to increase their skills and gain certification in the courses of Basic Life support (BLS)and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) both accredited from the American Heart Association (AHA).

Such leading facilities advance the faculty of nursing and its mission to produce graduates of exceptionally high quality. For the students and community healthcare organizations, we welcome you. I would like to thank all involved from Bethlehem University who have helped us in making the simulation center such a success and an integral part of nursing education.

Mariam S. Awad